Is it possible to become completely anonymous when using Bitcoin?

The use of Bitcoin mixers is becoming more and more popular every year. It is because the anonymity of Bitcoin is only conditional cryptocurrency addresses tied to the identity of coin owners, like all operations on the network, due to the publicity and immutability of transactions.

How to hide your traces with the Bitcoin blender?

Internet users who make various transactions with cryptocurrency usually strive to achieve maximum privacy. A Bitcoin mixer, or cryptocurrency tumbler, is a tool that allows users to “mix” their cryptocurrency funds with those of other users to hide the source and purpose of the transaction. It creates a messy and untraceable pool of funds. For example, a transaction chain between three people using such a service would look like this:

  • user A receives funds from the second sender,
  • user B from the third,
  • user C from the first.

Thus, assets go to recipients from crypto wallets that are not related to any of the parties. This process is aimed at increasing the anonymity and confidentiality of cryptocurrency transactions.

Get started with YoMix to ensure complete anonymity

YoMix is a service that allows you to conduct more than 100 transactions per month, with automatic exchange and a guarantee of anonymity. The mixer has implemented a system that does not allow users to specify the same cryptocurrency withdrawal address to ensure security and anonymity. Therefore, participants cannot compromise the system; user actions are not systematized, so tracking them using third-party algorithms is impossible. It is what most cryptocurrency mixers often neglect.

YoMix is not connected to analytics systems, does not keep user records, and does not collect cookies. Transaction information is stored for a maximum of seven days after completion and for technical support only.

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